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Two member a-frame analysis

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    I have a design using a simple 'inverted v' frame . Each member is 1.22 m long and sees a UDL on it, acting downward(6580 N/m). The angle between the members and the horizontal is 5 degrees. and both footings are bolted firmly to the horizontal.

    I wish to analyse and confirm that the members will not buckle or fail due to bending.

    Can I resolve the components of the load (6580*1.22 = 8030N) into those perpendicular to the members and those along the member, and assume that it is the component perpendicular to the member causing bending, and the component along the members length which will cause buckling?

    This seems all way to easy - i am sure that some forum people may be able to help me do a more advanced and accurate analysis. Any help will be appreciated.


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