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Two nMOS transistors in series

  1. Sep 18, 2009 #1

    At the following link:

    http://ece.olin.edu/avlsi/handouts/050916_lab1.pdf [Broken]

    (FWIW, I don't go to whatever institution this is from)

    On page 2, there is a picture with 2 nMOS transistors in series, advertising a current half as large as if there were a single transistor (part(b) of the diagram).

    I don't understand this. I have tried to derive it based on the hint provided, but I could not. Also, for this to be true, what state do the transistors have to be in? I haven't been able to work that out, either. On one hand, it seems like for this to be true, both would have to be in saturation. On the other hand, It seems like, to turn one transistor on (Vgs > Vth), the other would have to be in the ohmic region, since, (Vgd > Vth).

    Thanks a lot.
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