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Two Part Motion

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    I have a question which reads as follows:
    After a long time apart, a young couple in love are running towards each other in the hallways of an airport. They are 30.0m apart. The husband is accelerating from rest at a rate of 0.7m/s2 (2 is squared), and the wife was moving at 3.4m/s and maintains her speed. How much time passes before they are finally together?

    I just need help gathering the info from the question.
    What I have so far:
    -acceleration=0.7m/s2 (2 is squared)


    Thanks in advance:)
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    One may infer from the problem that the husband starts accelerating when his wife is 30 m from him. During the same period of time, each is traveling to some common point.

    Let x be the distance traveled by the wife, and then knowing the velocity that the wife travels, 3.4 m/s, the distance as a function of time is simply x = 3.4 t (t in seconds).

    In the same time, when they meet, the husband must have traveled 30-x.
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