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Two particles

  1. Sep 30, 2010 #1
    if particles A and B are at sepration of distance d and both start moving simultaniously with speed v and u , such that dir. of velocity of A always points towords the position of B and given that v>u , then to catch B , will A have to travell a distance of d irrespective of the direction of motion of b ?????????? and why?????????????????????????????????
    (given that they do nt move towards each other)
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    You say irrespective of the direction of motion of B... but if B is moving towards A, then A will only cover a fraction of the distance d before it meets B coming toward it.

    If B is moving away, then A will have to cover a distance greater than d to reach it.

    The only way A will only have to cover distance d is if B isn't moving at all.
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