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Two pendulums question of shm

  1. Nov 12, 2004 #1
    Dear friends this question is really annoying me .plz. help me in understanding this question and the concepts involved in it.

    Two pendulums of equal length of bob of mass m are connected by a spring of spring constant k.find the frequency of oscillations.there are two conditions also given
    <1>theta(1)=0.1,theta(2)=-0.1 and zero velocities
    <2>theta(1)=0.1,theta(2)=0 and zero velocities.
    interpret the above two results.
    what happens when g=0 in 2nd case.
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    Without some definition of the coordinate system it is nearly impossible to help you. What is g? Please provide a more complete discription of the proplem.
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