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Homework Help: Two physics problems. (Need Help !)

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    Nevermind... I was able to figure both problems out with some notes and problems from the textbook. :smile:
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    1. Can you describe the vertical motion in terms of only the y component of velocity, vy, and time, t?

    2. What've you tried?

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    1. hm? I'm not sure what you mean.

    2. Well, I figured that each hinge has to support 14g of weight, which is pretty obvious. Since they're both the same distance from the CG, then I guess I really only need to find the Forces for both one them. I was thinking that the force in the x direction would just be the hinge's distance from CG in the x direction (and same for the verticle force) multiplied by 14g, but i'm not sure.
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    If I gave you the initial vertical velocity, the acceleration due to gravity, and the initial height, could you tell me where I am as a function of time? Meaning, could you write an equation for y(t) using only these values that I gave you?

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    And, naturally, I realize it's time for me to run off to class, so if anyone else wants to hop in here for me...

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    Yeah, I think so... Isn't that just d = Vi x t + 1/2at^2?
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