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Two programs to recieve keyboard input simultaneously?

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    A tough one here. Does anyone know a way to control 2 or more programs simultaneously? i.e. give focus to two programs?

    My brother wants to control two games (full screen), on the same PC, at once, I assume that he only needs one to be maximized at a time, but the trouble is giving focus to one will cut the keyboard off from the other, Any way he can make this work?
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    From within one program, you can open another one as a file descriptor and read and write to it.

    #include <cstdio> //<stdio.h> in C
    FILE * fp = popen("yoursecondprogram --withargs", "w"); //write mode
    if (fp == NULL) exit(1); //ERROR
    fwrite(fp, 6, 1, "hello\r"); //Sends "hello" to the secondary program's stdin.

    This is useful for proxying keyboard input, if you want things like key control for a game or something more real-time reactive, stdin is likely not what you want. You'll have to open up a socket communication between the two programs: The receiving program would have to open up a listening socket and the main program would have to send keyboard statuses through it. I have a similar issue right now where I want two different computers to control one two player game. I need a small helper program on the second computer to send commands over the network.
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    Hi everyone! I have the same problem!
    I found a program called Cheat Engine, you can use the hotkey option and freeze/pause every game by clicking any key.
    I just have to turn on 2 Cheat Engines and select a hotkey for processes for 2 opened games. When I push the key it freezes two games at the same time, so I think it's possible to control it simultaneously. But there's a problem, There is no option for moving characters in the game, just freezing or changing values. so I have a question is there a program which will let me select a procceses and control games simultaneously? Sorry for my English
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    For games use ISBoxer. It's purpose built for this.


    It has a lot of features. For example it can chop up the game UI and display all the UIs from all your clients onto a separate screen.

    Here's a guy playing 5 clients at once with ISBoxer


    Edited to change the screenshot. I just remembered that no-one who doesn'tplay Eve understands Eve screenshots ;-)
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    Thanks Carno and everyone who tried to help me. ISBoxer is the solution of my problem.
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