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Homework Help: Two question important

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    two question important !!

    1) A hollow ball is rolling along a horizontal surface at 3.4 m/s when it encounters an upward incline. If it rolls without slipping up the incline, what maximum height will it reach?
    h= ........meter

    2) A solid 2.4 kg sphere is rolling at 6.6 m/s . Find (a) its translational kinetic energy and (b) its rotational kinetic energy.

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help me with that as soon as possible
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    1, What is it's kinetic energy - if it stops at the top of the incline all this goes into potential energy what is the height.

    2, You need the equation for rotational ke of a solid sphere (it's in wiki or your textbook)
    Then since it is rolling you can get the radius from considering how fast a point on the circumference is moving along the plane.
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