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Homework Help: Two Questions i need help with.

  1. Jan 14, 2008 #1
    please help me if you have the time, thanks in advance :)

    Question 1 :

    An IT department has three team leaders and ten programmers. A project team consisting of Five staff is to be selected and it must include at least three programmers and one team leader. How many different ways can the team be selected?

    Question 2:

    An IT consultant bids for two independant contracts with local companies. The consultant estimates that the probability that he obtains contract A is 0.6 and the probability that he obtains contract B is 0.3. What is the probability :

    i) he obtains both contracts?
    ii) he obtains at least one contract?
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    Please post your attempt at solving the problem. These are basic problems in Permutations and Combinations/Probability.
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    And since I can't imagine wanting to solve such a problem except for homework, I am moving it.
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