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Two Relativistic Moving Bodies

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    I am doing an extra problem from my textbook as review and I am stumped.

    An Earth based observer sees to spaceships approaching Earth in the same direction. Spaceship A is travelling at 0.500c and Spaceship B is travelling at 0.800c. How fast is spaceship A traveleing as viewed by an observer on spaceship B?

    I used a velocity transformation like:

    (0.500c - 0.800c)/sqrt(1-[(0.5c)(0.8c)/(c^2)])

    The book gets -0.500c.

    I am finding it difficult to see that the Earth based observer and the spaceship moving at 0.800c observe that spaceship going the same speed.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Wow! It's always the simplest of mistakes. :yuck: Thanks a lot.
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