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Homework Help: Two repulsive/attractive forces that influence chemical bonds between two atoms

  1. Sep 12, 2008 #1
    I need to identify two repulsive forces and two attractive forces that influence the formation of chemical bonds between two atoms.

    this is what i understand so far:
    1.chemical bonds between two atoms--> this is intermolecular forces
    2.type of intermolecular forces--> Dipole dipole, van der waals(weakest)-london disperson, and hydrogen bonding.
    *but that's only three examples and i need 4
    so this is where i'm confused:
    which ones are attractive forces and which ones are repulsive forces? or are all of them both attractive and repulsive? OR
    would the question be asking for such things as the electrostatic forces of attraction, ionization energy and possibly electronegativity...

    i'm a little scattered with all these concepts... any help would be greatly appreciated!
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