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Two Research Projects advice?

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    So, i'm currently in a research project that is a wet lab (The research is more into inorganic chemistry). However, my Physical Chemistry I teacher offered me a research project as well, after making an A+ in the course without the crazy high curve. I'm assuming it will be more theoretical based research, which sounds awesome. Is it possible to do both?

    Essentially, the two projects count as 3-hours courses. Two (biochem 2, complex variables) of the three courses are 1.25 hour courses twice a week, and the other one is three times a week for 50 minutes (p.chem 2). So, I would be limited to taking three courses and 2 research projects. That's 16 hours. Does this sound do-able? Or am I getting ahead of myself? I really want to do both research projects, and I figure that time should not be an issue. But will the research profs mind me working on both projects? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Why do you think it wouldn't be? I think most top students do research projects in addition to a full load of courses.
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    I've heard that two or more research projects can be killer. I actually want to do it, but I'm unsure if it will be near-impossible to work on both at once. I think I can do it, it's only sixteen hours including the two research projects. But then again, not sure.
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    I still don't understand. You're only taking three classes. How many hours per week will the research projects take? If it's only ~10 hours week then it seems like a light load, but only you can decide how much work you want to take on.
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    Two general comments.

    Anything that is "research" always takes more time than you plan for, and that is indepedent of how many times you extend the plan.

    You will need very good time management skills to balance the two projects. The danger is that one will "work out" better than the other, or you will just get more interested in one than the other, and the other one will end up looking like a poor project simply because you didn't put in enough time and effort.

    I would say you would be better to do one project very well than two not so well. There's no top limit to the amount you can do on a single project, except the time available and your own ability.
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