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Homework Help: Two Runners Question

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    I have another question that is pestering me. Runner A is 3.6 km west of a flagpole and is running w/ constant V of 2.6 km/h while Runner B is 4.0 km east of the flagpole and is running w/ constant V of 5.2 km/ hour west. What will the distance be of the two runners from the flagpole when their paths cross?

    I do not understand how you determine when their paths cross. I understand that you have to set their equations equal, but I do not understand what those equations would even be.. :confused: Thanks a million for you help.
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    What direction ss Runner A running in?
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    Assume their paths have crossed. How much (in km) did they both run? (Hint: assume one 'runner' was standing (:biggrin:), and the other was running towards him, in order to get their paths crossed. What was the total distance he ran?)
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