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Two simulation problems

  1. Jul 30, 2009 #1
    i am having problem connecting a lowpass filter in my matlab simulation model. the output comming from a summer is being filtered..can anyone help me rectify this problem??

    secondly i have to provide a phase shift of 90 deg. to each of the three phases of a balanced 3phase supply...i have done this by obtaining the mag. and phase angle using a sequence analyzer...now i have to merge the magnitude and the new phase angle to obtain the continous signal again...it here in the latter part that i am having a problem...

    the concept is based on p-q theory where we represent a phase in alpha-beta coordinates...alpha being the axis of actual signal and beta the axis of 90deg shifted signal..

    please do help if u have an idea how to go about....or if u have a better method even that would help...thanks
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