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Two spinning black holes

  1. Jul 27, 2004 #1
    A pion decays into two photons with coupled (opposite) polarizations,
    one of which passes into a black hole spinning clockwise
    relative to an observer,and the other passes into a second black hole
    also spinning clockwise relative to the same observer.After a long
    period of time the photons emerge from the holes in the form of Hawking radiation which has coupled polarization to reflect the coupling of the original
    photons that went into the holes.At a first glance,because of
    CPT theorem this would suggest that black holes must always
    spin in the same direction to preserve CPT symmetry.But isn't
    it more likely that T symmetry can be broken and that the black holes
    can spin in any direction? Then since T symmetry is broken what
    is the CP violation that would go with it?
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