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Two step: mass-mass question

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    4KO2 + 2H2O --> 4KOH + 3O2
    2KOH + CO2 --> K2CO3 + H2O

    What mass of CO2 in kg can be absorbed by 1.90kg of KO2?

    Molar masses are KO2 = 71.10g, CO2 = 44.01g

    So, would this make sense?
    1.90kg KO2 x 1/71.10 x 4/4 x 56.11 = 1.499kg
    then take that...
    1.499g x 1/56.11 x 1/2 x 44.01 = 0.588kg (as the answer)

    the 56.11 I had to figure out- they gave me the other molar masses...?

    Thank you!
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    Why do you use water in reaction equations?

    4KO2 + 2CO2 -> 2K2CO3 + 3O2

    But it doesn't change final result, as molar ratio of 4KO2 and 2CO2 is identical. 0.588 is OK.
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