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Homework Help: Two-thirds between vectors

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    The question is: Use vectors to find the point that lies two-thirds of the way from P to Q.

    P: (1,2,5)

    I tried finding the distance, then multiplying by 2/3 but obviously that will yield a scaler. Tried multiplying 2/3 by every coordinate then add them? That didn't work. I am sort of lost on such a simple problem :uhh:

    Thank you in advance for any attempt made :)
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    Think about a vector that would join the tip of P to the tip of Q.
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    a little more push? lol We learned about tip-to-tail method. no tip-to-tip that i know of
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    Well if you can find the vector that joins the tip of P to the tip of Q, then you take two-thirds of that vector, add it to P, and you are two-thirds of the way to the tip of Q.

    Tto go from the tip of A to the tip of B, you need the vector B-A. Make sense yet?
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    Yeah, I got it after that last post of mine >_<. Sometimes I'm used to thinking so complex that I forget about just visualizing the concept first lol. Thanks a whole bunch :D
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    "visualizing the concept" - whenever possible, visualize the concept by drawing a picture. You're using another half of your brain when you have an image to work with, instead of just the half that deals with logic and equations and such.
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