Two truths and a lie

  1. Evo

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    This is a game we played recently in a class I was in.

    Tell two things related to yourself that are true and one thing that is a lie and we'll try to guess which is the lie.

    I'll start. (darn, BobG will know most of the stuff about me from other posts :grumpy: ) Ok, here we go.

    I had my own tv show when I was 16.

    One of my relatives was married to the Bride of Frankenstein.

    One of my ancestors was the wealthiest man in the US in the late 18th century.
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  3. Pengwuino

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    You didn't have your own tv show!
  4. Evo

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    Correct, it was a radio show.

    Come on, post some odd facts. You don't need to wait until the previous poster's has been guessed to add your own.
  5. I was investigated for 9 counts of Grand larceny....

    I have driven a car to over 230 mph...

    I pitched three no hitters in little league baseball...
  6. blah, Townsend beat me.

    I am going to go with the second one here. I don't think you have driven a car over 230mph.

    Ahh I remember playing this game once in high school.

    I am half African-American
    I listen to old school gangsta rap from the 90s
    I once got a score of 71 playing minesweeper on expert.
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  7. Evo

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    I believe the first. :biggrin:
  8. 230 mph is too fast, I'm voting that.
  9. I've been proposed to 3 times (in real life - as in, not over the internet)

    One of my relatives was a mechanic and fixed German trucks in WW2.

    I spent several years in Somalia as a child.
  10. No...I never pitched three no hitters.....I did pitch one though
  11. The first one.
  12. Mattmns, you're not half black.
  13. Evo

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    You're not supposed to put your facts in white. :grumpy:
  14. I am going with the third for smurf.
  15. What did you drive? No conventionally accessible car goes that fast.
  16. teehee, everyone believes the relative in ww2 one? Any more guesses before I reveal the truth?
  17. Elsa Lanchester? That's kinda cool.
    If there's any left over, send me some.
  18. Evo

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    I know which you've posted before, so I won't say.
  19. Yeah I just did that so I could add them in later since Townsend had beat me. (I thought we would be doing it one at a time.

    Smurf got it right though. I am not half-black. Although women often question me on that after seeing my penis :rofl:
  20. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    No one would propose to you.
  21. Okay. I've never been to Somalia.
    What? We've had a thread like this before?
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