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Two Years, 7500 Posts, Thanks PF!

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    It's been two years as of two days ago that I joined you all here on PF. In that time I have gone through several life changes, including leaving the active duty air force and moving to Arizona. I don't think I can describe the impact this forum and all you wonderful people have had on me in a simple forum post. The knowledge I have gained, the understanding I have developed, even without formal education to help me, is thanks to you all.

    It is my utmost pleasure to call PF home, and you all my forum family. From crazy penguins, to cosmo calculators, it's been one heck of a trip. Thank you all for everything. Here's to two more years of science!

    -Drakkith, armchair scientist and wikipedia extraordinaire.

    P.S. My favorite fish is Catfish.
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    Despite the perhaps-overly-enthusiastic catfish smack, I'm very glad you're here, Drakkith :smile:!
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    Wait, that catfish was my lunch!! :eek:

    We're happy to have you in the forum drakkith!
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    Hey, don't plan on stopping after only 2 more years, I enjoy your posts too much !
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    Nah, I plan to be around for MUCH longer than that!
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    Glad to have you hear Drakkith!
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