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Txt spk

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    The PF global guidelines state the following.

    Given that many of those who post here do so without having English as a first language, it seems reasonable that the rules on acceptable grammar and so forth should be only loosely observed. However, it winds me up no end to see people using "text speak" here. How closely observed are the guidelines against such an abomination by the moderators?

    I should point out that I'm generally not critical of sparse usage of neologisms such as "lol" or smilies, largely because they help in conveying nuance in otherwise ambiguous situations. However, heresies such as this, for instance, really deserve closer attention.
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    Have you reported the post? If not, do so - and I am more than sure someone will be more than happy to react :devil:
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    It would be a great help to us if you would use the report button when you see these posts. Thanks. :)
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