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Type 2 superconductivity

  1. May 20, 2004 #1
    The copper-oxygen planes that
    are believed to be responsible for superconductivity are separated by
    many insulating layers layers. So there might not be much overlap between
    atomic orbitals between separated Cu-O planes. However, electrons can
    still tunnel through the insulating layers. This tunneling is believed
    to affect superconductivity, but it is not well understood how.

    In type 1 superconductors there are lots of cooper pairs and there is a rapid change in conductivity.Type 2 superconductors show a gradual change from normal to super conductivity .Perhaps type 2 superconductors conduct increasingly better because electron movement through a lattice causes the formation of "groups" of atoms in the lattice which then cause further electron movements in such a way as to increase the formation of yet more groups and so on, as the temperature decreases
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