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Type III civilization

  1. Feb 6, 2006 #1
    i was searching for the exact specifics of a type III civilization

    when i came accross this serious news artical


    Its about a great explosion which happened approximately 50,000 light-years away
    On Dec 27 2004.

    I do recommend reading it

    here are some excerts from the news report

    "When earth saw the strongest ever flash of light from a short explosion 50,000 light years away, scientists first thought it was a cosmic explosion in the natural way. But now many scientists believe it came from a type III civilization that is trying break the barrier of space and type by using huge amount of energy."

    "According to scientists, this was an experiment by a type III civilization trying to break open into the Hyperspace with the help of enormous amount of energy."
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    Math Is Hard

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    Funny that they never mention which scientists in particular are making these speculations!

    I remember reading about this blast -- it was referred to as a Soft Gamma Ray repeater, and NASA gave this explanation:
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    The flare was from what is known as a Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater and the object was SGR 1806-20. The physical interpretation of the system is that it is a magnetar -- a young neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field. The object was (and still is) detected in many different wavebands, even showing a steady pulsation in the X-rays. It was not from a Type III civilization.

    EDIT: Ah, MIH beat me to it. :)
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    Hmm, not bad for an information scientist type . . .
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