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Type IV Civilizations

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    Hi Forum,

    I am looking for information on Type IV and above civilizations.
    If anyone has any references I would appreciate it a lot. I understand an astronomer called john barrows has written on this but I can't find anything on google on this. nor has a 'Type IV civilization' search shown much up.

    So, any references would be great.

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    Type I civilizations are able to harness a planet.

    Type II civilizations can utilize a star.

    Type III civs' can collect energy from a galaxy.

    As far as I know, Type IV civs' would use the universe itself to their will. I'd guess that Type V's would power themselves across the multiverse. Beyond that level, I have no clue whatsoever.

    Long life; May you prosper.

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    Math Is Hard

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    Type V might be time IF there is only one universe, Type VI doesn't seem possible, if it was so, we would be able to do anything, and our minds might take over and physics and all that is imaginable and beyond can become reality, we would have over power over everything in existence and not in existence, possibly the power of creation I'd say, like all humans would be God.
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    Vanadium 50

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