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Type of steel?

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    I have one short question.
    Can I somehow get the information of the composition of the material (percantage of certain metals inside) if I have these data about it: carbon steel API 5L Grade B Schedule 40?

    I would appreciate your help veeery much!

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    As far as I know, those pipe standards only specify sizing and strength requirements (i.e., min/max diameters, yield strength, tensile strength, maximum pressures, etc.).

    In this manufacturer supplied copy of the "http://www.indpipe.com/images/PDF/pipe_specification_api5l.pdf" [Broken]" specification, nothing about material chemistry is mentioned. I'm sure the full specification is far more detailed, but all they really care about is if the finished product meets certain minimum requirements, not how the manufacturer arrives at those specs.
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    If you look at the attachment in post #2, you will see a section called "Chemical Requirements" for the steel composition, which lists the maximum carbon content along with the max. percentages of Mn, P, and S in the pipe steel. For instance, seamless Grade A has a max. carbon content of 0.25%.
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    My mistake. I should not have said, "nothing about material chemistry".
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    Thank you pantaz & SteamKing very much.

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    The chemical composition of API 5L GradeB is(in %):
    C less than equal to 0.28
    Mn " 1.20
    P " 0.03
    S " 0.03
    (How to type less than equal to by symbol?)
    Scedule no. has nothing to do with chemical composition.
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