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Types of jobs while studying for my engineering degree?

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    Aside from typical engineering internships, what other opportunities might I look into while studying for my Mechanical Engineering degree? I am holding down a part time job currently, so the workload can be handled, but I am looking to maybe try to get anything related to the field, but I am not sure of the options I may have.

    I know I may be able to get a junior drafting job depending on the requirements from the employer, which I do have a decent amount of experience. I am also located in NYC(Staten Island) so I do have a decent geographic location when it comes to options to work. Does anyone have suggestions as to where I may start looking?

    I currently have 90% of my Accounting BS completed and around 65% of my Mech Engineering BS completed, will probably finish both at the same time.
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