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News Typically Dem voting populace: seismic shift

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    This is BIG IMHO
    Analysis: 'Seismic' Catholic shift to Bush
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    I know zero Catholics who are Democrats, infact, in my English class the teacher took a poll of who was Catholic and who was Republican, and I believe all but 1 or 2 raised their hands for Republican, and the Catholics who didn't raise their hand for being Republican didn't raise their hands for being Democratic either.

    Where are Catholics traditionally Democrats that this shift is occuring?
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    That's been my experience too, at least with practicing Catholics. Legislating morality, as the Republicans like to do, is a big draw for Catholics. So, like you, I'm wondering why this is being considered a big shift? Though I have seen lawn signs popping up in my neighborhood that say "Catholics Against Kerry" I thought it was an interesting choice of words. They don't actually say they are FOR Bush. Then again, for every one of those signs, they have a neighbor with a Kerry sign up. My neighborhood is a pretty conservative population, and is about 50/50 based on yard signs. The more affluent neighborhoods are predominantly Kerry signs. I'm actually surprised because I live in a city that is very conservative and I expected to be predominantly Republican and pro-Bush, even among the affluent.
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    It's pretty straightforward really.

    Once upon a time, a bunch of Catholics thought it would be a good idea to vote for Kerry, because....Kerry is Catholic. Then some Catholic priests started screaming 'bloody murder' when Kerry did not denounce abortion. The rest of the catholic mob joined in, and they all lived happily ever after. :biggrin:
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    I'm not surprised Catholics support Bush by a majority, I'm surprised this article is saying they USED TO support Kerry by a majority. I've heard something like 2/3 of the voters who go to church regularly are Republicans and 2/3 of the voters who don't regularly go to church are Democrats.
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    That's really weird, Kerry doens't act like any Catholics I know, and doesn't combine Church and State the way most of the Catholics I know seem to love. Are you saying people really supported Kerry just because he goes to a Catholic church, as opposed to a Protestant one? If so, that's just plain sad that people still think along those lines in the USA.
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    Actually, I would have though American Catholics would like the fact that Kerry thumbed his nose at the Catholic church. Could be just the young ones I know though.
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    Can't you do better than the Moonie Times citing an evangelical-oriented polling firm for a source?

    The Pew folks give Kerry an edge among the Catholics they surveyed also, but their survey only included "white" Catholics, which they put at "about one of every five voters".

    Their figure is 49% Bush - 39% Kerry right now, which is a change in the leader from their August numbers, but is actually less favorable to Bush than their early September numbers.

    Summary of Pew Research Center polls
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    Alot of the things people will think are quite sad.
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    Pinky, Are you pondering what I'm pondering?!?

    Time to start putting Prozac in the drinking water :biggrin:
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