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Typing math problems

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    Does anyone know of an easy way to say type integral signs and powers and the like I'd like to copy all my math problems for the year from my book so i can just do them on a separate notebook without having to lug around my calc book.
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    Could you please "type" the original question(s) into plain English...??

    Do you need to type at a computer,at a writing machine,with a pen(cil),please,be more explicit...

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    Microsoft "Word" and "WordPerfect" both have (almost identical) "equation editors" that do what you want.
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    Here's a link to some useful hints about how to use the Equation Editor in Word. http://www.dcs.uwaterloo.ca/ec/equations/equation.html" [Broken]

    I use the Equation Editor all the time. Once you get used to the hotkey combos you can do quite a bit without every touching the mouse. I also set up a hotkey in Word to create an equation without using the mouse, pressing Esc will get you out of an equation and back into the document.

    I prefer to work on the computer rather than using pen and paper. It's all so much neater and when I make my gazilions of mistakes I can easily edit them out. :biggri:

    As I do each step of a lengthy problem I simply copy the result and then just paste that into the next line to edit it for the next step of the process. It actually takes me less time to do it in Word than on paper. This also enables me to have a very nice record of each problem that I do with the ability to type in additional notes along the way.

    I've been doing this for years and it really pays off to be able to go back to problems to see how I did them in the past. The main thing is filing them all away so that you can easily find what you want when you want it. :wink:

    Don't forget to back them up on CDs or something!!!

    You can also publish anything that you've done without worrying about copyright privileges should you happen to want to publish something later.
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    Thanks a lot this is exactly what I was looking for.
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