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Homework Help: Typo in RL example?

  1. Jan 17, 2008 #1
    I have an example where a 5v dc source is connected to a 10mh inductor then to 1k and 2k resistors in parallel.

    In finding the current through the inductor at t=0:

    written is:
    IL(0) = 5v / (2/3k) = 7.5 ma

    what i got was:
    IL(0) = 5v / (3/2k) = 3.3 ma

    I'm just checking to make sure i havent lost mind or missed something.
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    The parallel combination of a 1k and 2k resistor is 1/(1+0.5) = 2/3. I think you just forgot the extra 1/ part?
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