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U.N. Says Globe Drying Up at Fast Pace

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Also, as a rant:
    All science aside, this movie is just another example of special effects used in place of substance; be it sci-fi or otherwise. I had the plot figured within the first ten minutes or so. Then, I fail to see why another rendition of plastic miniatures, Styrofoam chunks [icebergs], and computer generated wolves [that still don't cut it] cause such a frenzy. How about a plot?

    Thanks. Now I feel better.

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    Well perhaps a fact is that a lot of the World has become more arid the last 8000 - 10,000 years, especially Northern Siberia, the Middle East and Africa.

    Perhaps another fact is that the general receding of glaciers is primarily caused by increased aridity and not by global warming.

    for backing this up you could check:


    However, the global warming tales are so full of propaganda like:

    Gibberish, check my linx again.

    And as the models consistently fail to predict the past, let alone the future, this isn't even worth a penny for a thought:

    We can only watch and mitigate the problem by careful water management. But that costs money, money that goes to the shredder machines of the global warmers.
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