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U of Toronto v/s Waterloo v/s McMaster for chemical engineering

  1. May 16, 2009 #1
    I am confused in finalising which one is good for me. I know Toronto and waterloo have better reputation name wise than McMaster. But there are pros and cons for each.

    From what I understood, talking to people, reading various threads:

    Waterloo has better coop, good reputation, relatively smaller class size and not very exciting dorms.

    U of T has good repo, better chemical labs.

    McMaster has excellent campus and friendlier atmosphere.

    Another pro with U of T is that I have got accepted in Track one program which is common first year and provides more flexibility and another chance to rethink if my choice of chemical was right. Same flexibility is with McMaster but with waterloo, it is hard to change.

    Please provide your suggestions/advise…….everyone’s opinion counts at this stage.
    Thanks in advance.
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