U.S. admits to secret interrogation site in Baghdad

  1. They seem to be going out of their way to provide fuel for the anti-Bush folks.
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  3. "the site was run in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and all detainees were afforded their rights under that international document."

    your point was, Adam?
  4. Studentx, please... Just sit back in the corner and watch for a month or two, let the adults discuss matters. You may learn something.

    That particular phrase of molification was issued by a US employee involved with the matter. Do you take the word of a bank-robber, coming out of the bank with a sack of money over his shoulder, saying "I'm not breaking the law"?

    Just in case you have forgotten (which seems the case): https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=26795
  5. Assuming the man is lying by default is not very objective is it?
    I am very skeptical of what the man says. But comparing him to a bankrobber... strawman Adam, tsk tsk

    btw Adam, im 28 years old!
  6. Actually it's not a straw man. It's a fairly accurate analogy.
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    If there are no signs the bank was robbed, then yes, I do.
  8. After a closing time.
  9. Give me a break Adam.
    We all know that guy is Australian!
    I mean, Australian servicemen raped brown women in WWII. Howard has called for Australians to be put in Iraq. By your own accounts, Howard is a liar and sneaky, thus we can infer that he has secretly put troops in Iraq already!
    Because Howard, by your statements, is just an agent for the US this base is OBVIOUSLY an Australian base.
    Sooo, until I see otherwise,this is a secret Australian Rape Base, setup by Howard and Bush!!!!!!
  10. Well, that's about what I expect, really....
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