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News U.S. & China

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    Exodus, Chapter 23:22, "I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you."
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    I don't care about passages from the Bible.

    How does helping Taiwan give the U.S. any economic advantage?
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    Taiwan makes ICS arms. good enough reason for me.
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    What does ICS stand for and what are ICS arms?
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    "Enemy's Enemy is a Friend" ;)
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    If the United States can have a communist country 90 miles off its coast, why can't China have a democratic country 180 miles off its coast?
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    The key words here are:


    If you guys are unwilling to give any thoughtful opinions, don't bother writing.
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    A Taiwanese airsoft rifle manufacturer, one of the big 4 left in southwest Asia after the great Chinese airsoft purge of 08
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    Read it anyway. It isn't religious in nature and is a very good explanation.
    Taiwan makes good electronics, but I don't think the economic advantage is the primary reason. The cynic in me would say the answer mgb gave is probably the correct one, but the idealist in me would say that we support Taiwan because it is the right thing to do.
    Why are you artificially constraining the thread to ignore most of the answers to the question you asked? Seems illogical to ask a question and then not want to hear the answers. Why did you even bother asking the question?

    It's like asking who the greatest football player of all time is, then after people answer, saying - "oh, I meant NFC only."

    Anyway, wiki, of course, has an article about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_China-United_States_relations
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    Google posted in their blog that they and 30 other companies have been hacked recently in a very sophisticated attack.

    Although this is not new. China has hacked US military networks before. I'm not sure if this constitutes war.

    And you can't even meet with Dali Lama, someone who never harmed a soul, before being condemned by China.
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    Watch the Penn&Teller ******** episode titled "Holier than Thou". That changed my view about him.
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