Uav with arduino uno board

  1. I am building a uav drone for a high school competition and I have the arduino uno R3 board but other websites said I need the ardupilot board. Can I build it with the arduino uno and do you know the materials I would need for the mechanical and electrical aspects of the drone? And if you also have any good references that would be nice too!

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  3. jedishrfu

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    I think you should stick with the ardupilot. For you to recreate it with parts would probably run you double the cost of the board itself and maybe more to say nothing of the custom programming work thats already done.

    Does the contest say you must use the arduino? If not then i'd go with the ardupilot.
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    Get an ArduPilot or Pixhawk. (Both can run the APM:Plane/Copter firmware.)

    If you use a plain Arduino you'll need to write your own autopilot, integrate sensors (gyros, accelerometer, GPS, AHRS, etc.), and integrate it with your vehicle. You're in high school, so you won't be able to do this.

    Are you doing fixed wing or rotary wing?
  5. Fixed wing
  6. jhae2.718

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    Then you'd want APM:Plane.
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  7. Thanks alot! :-)
  8. jedishrfu

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