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UC Berkeley

  1. Sep 16, 2006 #1
    Exactly how hard is it to get in?

    I would probably do the mathematical logic program and maybe pre-phd program...?

    My thesis of my thesis is just posted...


    Kinda sounds like I'm looking for a bridge between set theory and string theory... Well, Max Tegmark's "ensemble theory" influenced that!!

    Any thoughts AND OR advice would be appreciated!
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    as my buddy said, if you do not apply, it is impossible to get in. so go for it.

    I was asking about an NSF postdoc, and they only gave 10 in the country per year, but I applied and I got one.
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    Berkeley is a good school, but the culture has a flavor to it. You probably know that already, since it is a primary choice for you. Are you in Cali presently?
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