UC Santa cruz?

UC Santa cruz/Davis?

Does anyone have any insight/comments about the physics departments at UC Santa Cruz or UC Davis?
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Santa Cruz has an excellent program. Especially if you're interested in astronomy as well - Stan Woosley teaches there.
Everyone always says that the physics program is great, but I think that must have more to do with the research that goes on there. I was an astrophysics undergrad there up until last spring, and I was unimpressed with the teaching of all but one of my professors.

All of the professors I've come into contact with are kind and patient, but I got the distinct impression that many had little idea of how to present information to undergrads. The school is devoted to offering research opportunities to undergrads. All grading was curved in all of my classes. Upper div classes had about 40-50 students. The Science & Engineering library has excellent resources. I don't know if this is the norm, but all physics majors must submit a thesis in order to graduate.

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