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Schools UCB vs UCSD?

  1. May 13, 2017 #1
    Im debating between Berkeley and UCSD and I am not sure what to do, I plan to go to grad school, and I am worried that it might be difficult to get a lot of research done at UCB whereas I've heard its easier to get into research at UCSD. Furthermore I'd start a semester late at UCB because I was originally waitlisted (physics major). I have a particular interest in high energy physics, and relativity although I am not quite sure what to do after college, in any case, which is better for getting into graduate school, will it make a difference?
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    I went to UCB for undergrad and I found my way into particle physics research as an undergrad with a nice group at Berkeley Lab. So it is definitely possible. I think if you know you want to do particle physics research, UCB is a better choice than UCSD. Why? UCB has a large national laboratory associated with it literally just up the hill. There used to be accelerators there. I don't know much about research at UCSD in particle physics, but I assume there is more particle physics at UCB.

    Don't get me wrong, both are great schools.
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    Mate, this is one of the situations where overthinking is a bad idea. Just stop worrying and go to Berkeley. Spend your semester off on traveling somewhere with friends, or earning some money and chilling. Your concern are truly exaggerated.
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    You could google (or ask the instiutions themselves) to find the size of the HEP groups.
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    Berkeley Lab still has accelerators. The Advanced Light Source is a 2nd generation synchrotron and there is a vibrant research grounp in free electron lasers and wakefield accelerators. Besides, they do a lot of work on ATLAS. They are also working on DUNE, LZ, and a few other high profile projects.

    There are so many opportunities for particle physics students at Berkeley Lab that they import students from all over the world. I'd agree with Wminus and just go to Berkeley.
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