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UChicago or Columbia

  1. Apr 25, 2009 #1
    So, I've got 5ish days to decide which of these institutions (UChicago, Columbia) to attend next year. At UChicago, I'd like to double major in Physics and Economics. At Columbia, I am accepted at the engineering school and I would major in Applied Physics and minor in Economics.

    The main issue I am grappling with is essentially coming down to whether I want a theoretically based background (Chicago) or a more applied/engineering type background (Columbia).

    I think that I eventually want to get into applied science/engineering as a career, but not necessarily right after college. I also plan to take advantage of research opportunities and spend time in labs over summer vacations at either institution.

    I was hoping for some input as to whether a theoretical background is really that much of a hindrance when one wants to move into the workplace, and how it may/may not pay off later on (over an applied background).

    Oh, and if anyone could comment on the strength of the career advising and assistance at either institution that would be helpful (I've only gotten the school-approved presentations of each). There is no difference in terms of cost to me for either school. I have visited each school and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
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