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UCLA or Berkeley for undergrad physics?

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    Hello all, I have to decide between UCLA and berkeley for undergrad physics. I would rather go to UCLA for social reasons, but i know berkeley is a great school for physics(im sure UCLA isnt half bad either). My question is how important is the school for undergrad. i know for grad school the college really makes a difference but im not sure for undergrad. Any help will be great.
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    A friend of mine got his physics degree at UC Berkely, but his CS master's degree at California State University at Chico. He has something like 8 US patents in his name through HP (where he works) the guy's pretty darn smart and a great dancer. :biggrin:

    My ex left Yale to attend Dartmouth because it was more of a party school. He spent more time playing bleets than studying. Do you want to study or party?
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    For undergraduate work they are both great. LA has more hot girls. Berkeley is a really cool area to live in.

    edit- Where you go for undergraduate study doesn't matter nearly as much as most people think. You can go to a mediocore college and, if you do really well, get into a top graduate program. My sister spent two years at a state college in Utah and two years at UCSC. She has a very nice fellowship at Yale right now.
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    Thank for the opinions guys... and ucla does have hot girls
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