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UCLA vs UCB for pure math?

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    I know Berkeley has a slight edge in the "prestige" factor, but is this edge well-earned? Is there a significant difference in the quality of instruction and opportunities for research at these two institutions, particularly in the pure math department? Is there much difference in the level/ability of your peers? Would a degree from Berkeley (as opposed to UCLA) help alot in grad school admissions? I ask this because UCLA would be more convenient for me location-wise, but Berkeley is worth the loss of this convenience if its academics are better. This is for undergraduate, btw. Thanks. :smile:
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    Are you trying to say UCLA would be better to go to because Tao is there or what? What exactly does posting that link mean?
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    It doesn't mean anything, I just thought it would be fun for you to read, won't help you make a decision though...
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    I would also like to know what you guys think about UCLA vs UCB for grad school. More specifically if I want to study complex differential geometry or several complex variables.
    (I'm kind of thinking maybe mathwonk can answer this, but maybe he can't and someone else can)
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    I'm in a similar situation as you, as I'm likely to transfer to either UCI or UCLA. From what I've heard, the undergrad school you go to will have little effect for your grad school admissions. But if you plan on getting a job after you get your bachelor's, then getting it from Berkeley will be better. Berkeley is more prestigious for its grad programs rather than its undergrad programs. The peers at Berkeley might be a tad more competitive than at UCLA since I think they have tougher freshmen admission criteria.
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    I am in the exact same situation... I am a transfer student going in as a junior and I have the choice between UCLA and Berkeley. From what I have seen, Berkeley is more prestigious, but UCLA is closer to home (making it a more convenient option). I do not care about my undergraduate alma mater unless it would increase my chances of making it into a quality graduate program.

    Tips would be appreciated, especially from people who are at one of these schools.
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    Both UCLA and UCB are at the very top of schools for, preparation in math. f you get into either one you are incredibly fortunate and can do extremely well.
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    What if one was accepted to both? Choosing a university is a serious task and I want to make the best decision. What criteria would you judge by as best to prepare for graduate school in pure math?
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    Ended up going with Berkeley. Thanks for your input!
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    Well done. If your a top student I will see you around the campus...
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    I have a feeling you'll see me around.
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    Chris Hillman

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