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Medical UFC doctors pay?

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    Just doing some homework with the tv on, and UFC Unleashed is on.

    The first Bonner/Griffin fight, Griffin gets a nasty cut on his nose so they stop the fight for a moment to have the UFC doctors examine the damage.

    How much do you think these guys get paid? Are they hired by the UFC, or some code regulated sports association?

    Anything you may now, please do share!
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    What makes you think the UFC isn't a "code regulated sports association"?
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    Halls of Ivy,

    I didn't say there wasn't regulations? In fact I know there are. I asked if you the doctors are employed by the code regulators themselves or by the UFC.

    Last Tornado,

    I agree that there should be doctors to examine injuries, I never said there shouldn't be actually...By "code regulated sports association", I mean, an association that is responsible for regulating sports codes really, kind of self explanatory. Like electrical code, and all other codes and rule. They're the reason you can't hit in the back of the head and you have to keep a medical expert on hand during these events and all the other of several rules.
    ^I hope that cleared up your confusion.
    Now, do you think they(doctors) are employed by the UFC or the code regulators? How much are these guys bringing down?
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    Andy Resnick

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    Why do you think they are doctors (i.e. have an MD)? Could they be medics/"first responders"?

    Why not contact the UFC directly and ask them?
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    I know because they said specifically that they were going to have the UFC doctors take a look at Griffin, I wouldn't just assume they were doctors, I'm a college student, I know better.

    They're a multimillion dollar corporation, do you think they have the time to respond to some dudes email? I don't see that as a plausible possibility, though I could be wrong.

    Does anyone know anything about this topic? Don't respond with another question unless it's relevant of course.

    Feedback, leave some!!!
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