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UFO database

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    If anyone is interested in seeing what a serious effort to catalog UFO sightings looks like, try here:
    *U* is a serious 20 year UFO research effort to catalog, map, and do statistics on reports worldwide.... Discovered hoaxes and misidentified mundane events are weeded out. Fireballs, night-lights and other lame reports with low information content are derated or passed over entirely.... Cult and contactee tales are extremely suspect. Still, an amazing 18,370 UFO / OVNI sightings are listed, from a large set of reference sources. None of this proves or disproves the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), alien abductions, time travel, extra space dimensions and so on. This website shows *U* Database maps and graphs with the hope that real patterns or clues might emerge, some ufology at least.

    and how can you not like this:

    There is no creepy background music, nothing flashing or scrolling by, no vapid grey aliens or large inconclusive photos.
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    Nor are there any sales ploys or 'come to our weekend retreat to learn how to make psycic contact aliens for only $2500' on the site as well. Gotta love that! Thanks Chronos!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thanks Chronos. I'm posting this in the napster.
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    That was a great link..except theres a dot right over where my cabin is in northern Michigan :eek:
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