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UFO Hacker

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    I figured if wired.com was publishing this, it was worth noting. This appears to be a Britt who hacked into Nasa websites and found evidence of a UFO coverup. Of course he might be trying to distract from his illegal activities.

    He also makes reference to "the disclosure project" which Ivan is familiar with.

    I remain a skeptic, and these ideas he is spewing seem to corroborate directly all of the disclosure project allegations. So it's hard to tell if he's just spitting out what he read on thier website.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was unimpressed. And I agree; most of what the guy cites is found at the disclosure project. He seems to be mixing their claims with what he claims to have seen online at gov sites.
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    Why would NASA have evidence of cover-up?

    Nasa is responbile for space exploration but they wouldn't responible for a UFO coverup.
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    This story is only entertaining because the protagonist is a retard.

    - Warren
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