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UFO or UHO - Unidentified Hovering Object?

  1. Sep 23, 2008 #1
    I saw something that I think was probably a satelite but something about it confuses me.
    While look at Jupiter through my 8inch Mead. with a motorize fork mount. I could see a white blinking light. too dim and small to see with the naked eye. it appeard to be about the same magnitude as jupiters moons roughly. I'm not suggesting that it was near the planet Jupiter, just in the same field of view. the odd thing about it is that it stayed stationary in the field of view which means it was stationary while the Earth turned under it because it stayed in the field of view while the motorised mount was tracking Jupiter. and also it was blinking. Are there satelites that would have those charactistics? It wouldnt be whats called geostationary would it? arent those orbiting at a rate that keeps them over the same spot on the Earth?

    I wasn't sure what forum this question belongs in. Astronomy maybe? Or here because its an unidentified object?
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