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UFO tech?

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    He really thought alot about this.

    How much of what he says is actually sensible?
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    Since I only have MSc. (of Tech) I won't make any comments of the changes in spacetime, but frictionless fluid is probably quite tricky to create.

    Ending is good... "...lying government bastards at NASA who cooperated with the secret government to keep this technology and the truth about aliens covered...".
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    2.5 minutes in he's still not saying much besides "look how cool it is". None of it is particularly BS though. Let me finish it and I'll edit this post.

    Okay, he said we'd need supercooled plasma. Uhhh... that's counter-productive.

    Okay, almost finished it. Ehhh... he doesn't actually say much. He goes on to say we need X, Y, Z, but that it's our job to figure out how to do it and he bases his assertions on people who were supposedly top secret UFO scientists.

    By itself, would the idea of speeding up a fluid to relativistic speeds and making it go around in a circle do anything? It's not obvious to me that anything would happen besides the fluid contracting, which would produce some weird results, and sure it would be accelerating which would cause more effects such as time dilation, but I don't see how you get gravity from that. GR apparently predicts that orbiting bodies produce gravity waves that cause orbit decay. Would spinning a fluid also do that?

    Yes and no. We do it all the time to get liquid helium into a Bose-Einstein condensate and in fact is it extremely difficult to keep it from flowing all over the place. They even make special tubes that will only let the helium through because they are so tiny that only something with zero resistance can flow through it. Forgot the name for it, though.

    That said, to make this Bose-Einstein condensate you need to be near 0K, so that's not trivial to do.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    YouTube seems to be down at the moment, but if that is an accurate representation of what is said, then this is not appropriate for any forum at PF.
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