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UFO Time Travel (very abstract and out there alright)

  1. Feb 19, 2004 #1
    the source of info: http://www.para-normal.com/compendium/087.htm

    some dude wrote on this webpage the following:
    "The following theory combines current UFO sightings with the possibility of time travel:

    Scientists who believe that time travel is not possible use as an argument the fact that we are not currently being visited by people from the future. Suppose for a moment that current UFO beings are humans from the future. People who claim they have seen these alien creatures state that they take on a form very close to the human body with the exception of the large head and small height. The evolution of life is a very complex process with many variables and although it is possible that a race of beings from another planet could take on a human type form the probability of that is very small. What if these beings are from Earth thousands of years in the future? It certainly makes more sense that the human beings of today could evolve into the creatures people claim they have seen rather than thinking some alien race has developed a form similar to humans. In addition people who claim they have had these encounters state that these beings are able to communicate to them mentally. This is further "evidence" indicating that these beings could be highly evolved humans of the future.

    This article was meant to present one possible theory and in courage thinking. It does not mean the author necessarily believes in the existence of the indicated beings or is in anyway out of his mind hi hi...."

    thought it might be an interesting theory to post! ;D
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