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UFOs at Malmstrom AFB?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have been doing some review. Here are some thoughts and observations on the case of Malmstrom AFB; 1967.


    Firstly, no description of the UFO is found. All we read are description of a glowing red light; possibly saucer shaped.
    Additionally, we have this statement:
    Also, there appear to have been multiple sightings by multiple witnesses
    -- Salas

    Then, p38 of the AF files indicate that rumors of UFOs in the area were disproved. So, we have the word of two witnesses against the official record on this point. I am not aware of any other witnesses that have gone public. However, this is not the case of the failure itself.

    According the the evaluation of this failure done by Boeing:
    One thing that is not made clear here is whether this pulse was this required to disable all missiles, or if this needed to be duplicated on each missile. In fact, these are isolated systems. In the case of ten isolated systems, this lends credence to the claim that some external source caused this event. This alone would seem to vindicate the claim that some kind of unknown energetic phenomenon caused this event. In the case of HEMP [High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection] protected systems, we find [classified] intrinsic barriers that produce extreme signal attenuation in the event of intense ambient RF [edit: EM was intended here, not RF] energy. Test parameters [many of which are also classified, but not this one] include signal injections of up to 5000 amps with rise times less than 20 nanoseconds – about 2.5 X 10^11 amps per second. This in turn [the amps per second] determines the EMF [voltages] induced in shielded wires. [See the unclassified DOD Interface Standards: MIL-STD-188-125-2, p32…I have done some work in this area]. With this level of shielding, only an extremely energetic EM phenomenon could induce a 10 volt pulse in an isolated system. In principle, the pulse required would exceed that produced by a high altitude nuclear detonation. By comparison, lightning typically produces a current of about 10,000 amps with a rise time in the order of one millisecond – about ten million amps per second and about 1/10,000 as influential as the injected test currents. This means that a direct lightning strike should have no effect. This makes it difficult to imagine what kind of naturally occurring phenomenon could influence this system. At this point, the burden of proof lies with the skeptics. What can produce this level of energy?

    Next, from the official report:
    Error detection normally would cause a controlled shutdown. This is not unusual; what does seem unusual is the timing. Were the event cause by a single pulse, we would expect the simultaneous shutdown of all systems. That we had up to seconds between each shutdown implies that something was affecting specific systems, but not others. So, we are left with some kind of highly energetic phenomenon, one that appears to exceed any known natural EM phenomenon and that can selective disable isolated systems. The burden of proof lies with the skeptics to produce such a phenomenon for comparison..

    Next, we have this:
    – Salas

    This could be a function of the error detection mode. This does not strike me as unusual.

    – Salas.

    Even if we take Salas completely at face value, we can’t be sure that this is the correct incident. Perhaps this is clarified somewhere else in the literature.

    Lastly, perhaps something worth mentioning from just a few months later:

    From what I have read, we have no further evidence to support any claims made. Does this agree with what you all know about this case? I have not read all of the related literature as yet.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Here is a nice 8.5 minute video about this event. See the middle column, 5th selection from the bottom of the page. Also, you may wish to watch the Gordon Cooper interview; 12 from the top, left column.

    http://www.ufocasebook.com/videos.html [Broken]
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