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UFO's trapped in the black hole

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    UFO's get trapped inside the black hole....

    I have heard of theories that the black hole in space suck everything there is 4 it to suck...as long as it is near to it!
    But (lets say there r really UFO's about in space) will these Unidentified space objects be attracted into them?? Will they be able to overcome the strong gravitational force of the Black hole, or will they be suck into the blackhole too??? I was just wondering...(i have heard) UFO's observed travel at the speed of light or even faster... so does this mean these "faster than light objects" can overcome the Gravitational force of the Black hole???

    Feel free to write in u'r opinions...(or even correct me if i'm wrong)

    Note: is there anything or higher speed light that could overcome the strong pull of the black hole???
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    If they can break the speed of light, then they have no problem. But if they can break the speed of light, then they have broken some of the most strongest and best-confirmed theories we have - and incidentally, the theory that allows us to predict the existence of black holes in the first place.

    Nothing has yet been observed (conclusively) to travel faster than c. Which is nice, as the theories which predict black holes conclude that nothing can. (Unless they are tachyons, but that's another matter.) As far as we can tell, all em radiation travels at c.
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    To add to FZ+'s response...

    If there are alien spaceships, then yes, they would be affected by black holes.

    Being trapped by a black hole depends on your distance and velocity from it. Far away, you can travel at a comfortable speed without fear of being sucked in. If our sun was magically turned into a black hole of the same mass as the sun, then the Earth would keep orbiting as normal. Closer toward a black hole, you have to go faster in order to escape its gravitational pull. At the black hole's "event horizon", you have to be going the speed of light to escape.

    According to our understanding of physics, nothing can be acclerated through space to reach the speed of light. So, bye-bye ET. Anything reaching the event horizon gets crunched into the singularity (center) of the black hole.

    If they can travel faster than light (which doesn't seem possible unless you cheat like using a wormhole...which may or may not be possible as far as we know) then yes, they could escape from the event horizon.

    Not sure about escaping from the singularity, tho'. That may be a true point of no return.
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