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Ugly feeling about school

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    i have this ugly feeling about school an i just wanted to know how many of people around here also hate school and other educational institutions for the incompetent people around,the people who are jelous of you and try to bring you down Or you have to learn something the way you dont want to(Like learning physics by rote in order to satisfy your teachers to get good grades rather then to move at your own pace understanding each and every finer points and concepts till the time you understand it so good that you can teach others.) Or when you have given your trust to your tutor that he wil guide you insted he dupes you .
    What should a person do in this circumstance.
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    Once upon a time there was a professor who said,

    "80% of what we teach you in school is wrong.

    The problem is that we don't know which 80%."

    Just look at school like its a game to see who can get the highest grades. That's all it is anyway. Don't worry about whther you think what you are learning is wrong or if they are teaching you the wrong way. One day you won't be there anyway.
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    ambuj123, i always hated high school because they made you do so much busy work it was riduculous. There was only like 3 classes that i remember that were not BS, algebra and my geometry class. I think that's why i've grown to like math so much and now studying physics. I do hate school sometimes because they go too fast and you have no time to do anything else. It's really hard to learn when you're stressed, but that's the way school is, especially when you get to College.

    I think i understand when you say people are jealous. I experienced this wheni first started college. The students there are much more competitive compared to high school and will do anything to throw you off track like they claim to only study for an hr for a test and they did good on it. I was not used to this because i slacked off in high school. I got frustrated at first but i learned to deal with them, i just used their own game against them, they usualyl will stop bugging you.

    As for tutors, i've never had them before. I've always studied on my own, rarey i go ask a TA or teacher if i have a question. The best advice i could give you is to not take them so serious. I believe all the learning comes from yourself. A tutor might get you to study faster on a test, but understanding the material is up to YOU only, in the end you are you own guide :tongue2: . Don't stress out, just study at your own pace, and don't let other students bother you. And don't worry about your grades, just study at your own pace and you will eventually enjoy it and get better at it. As far as the material goes, don't take it that serious also, just try to get the "big picture", it's usually the problem solving skills and critical thinking skills that they want you to learn anyways. Most things are theory, but they always arrive from some intuition, just understand that :smile:
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    yeah... i hate school. your forced to go at everyone else's pace... and that's incredibly ANNOYING!!! so what if i'm faster than average in some things, but slower in others? the school system has some pretty bad flaws... too bad theres nothing i can do about it.
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    shurmeo gives much good advice here. if you are in an awkward situation - and school can be that way sometimes - it is best to make the most of it and sometimes turning it into a game is a good idea.

    teachers have different teaching styles just as students have different learning styles - they don't always match. however, if you focus on the excitement physics provides, then you can often by-pass teaching inadequacies.

    finally, if the goals your teachers set for you are not sufficient, set your own. doing so may even inspire your teachers!

    in friendship,
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    dont be hatin *******
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    Learning how to deal with groups and beauracracies is a big part of the educational process. I was dreadfully bored in high school and cruised through with hardly any effort. That came back to haunt me in college. After two years, I was barely clinging to a C average and had to drop 2 or 3 courses because I could not keep up. Fortunately, the light finally came on and I was an honor student thereafter [to the considerable amazement of my early prof's - one of them asked for a DNA sample]. The lesson was and is, don't wait for the teacher [or course material] to challenge you, challenge yourself. School is like any other job, you never get more back than you put into it.
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    Remember that it will pass. You may hate it, but learn to work within the system so you can get where you need to go. Some of your teachers will be bitter, depressed, clock-watchers who just want the day to be over. Some will be honest, inspiring people who will recognize your talents (wherever they lie) and will offer you challenges to develop those talents. Most will be somewhere between these extremes.

    College admissions staff and financial-aid people will look at your SAT scores and judge your abilities and potential, but they will also look at your high school grades, and if they see low scores, they may assume that you are lazy, bored, or have a problem following directions. Low HS grades can hurt you, so if you want to get into a good school (and get financial aid), you may have to develop a philosophical attitude about the grind and just do your best to get through it.

    I was terribly bored with the course work in high school. I joined the student government, joined every atheletic and non-atheletic program that I could fit in (baseball, basketball, cross-country running, Nordic and Alpine skiing, chorus, band, etc, etc). As a result, I met and worked with a lot of fine people from my own school and got to participate in lots of programs with kids and adults from other schools. When I graduated, I was presented a special award for having participated in more activities than any other student in my graduating class. That award meant more to me than academic and atheletic varsity letters, but I didn't see it coming. It was just a survival technique for me - trying to stay sane through the boredom.

    Participate in non-academic activities, and when a teacher or mentor shows interest in you, thank them and ask for their advice. This little reaction from you is just the kind of thing that motivates real teachers, and they will help in ways that you cannot appreciate right now. Don't hate school. Learn to adapt.
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    *agrees* I despised 5th -12th grades school for that reason... I went to a magnet school... got in for my science and music knowledge...got lost in advanced middle school math... and the math just went down hill from there. By highschool I just went down to honours math and only studied the stuff I was interested in... not necc a good thing to do.. but ah well still a beta grad. and all those BS classes... art in life and Drama literature was required for highschool graduation... -_-'
    I gotta say I like univ. a lot more tho'. I mean yea there are still those "art in life" you have to take but its less than h.s and as a math deficient engineering major. I've found my Physics professors a bit more willing to let me in the trig and calc based physics classes despite the I was in college algebra my first sem here. ( don't laugh , it's deep)

    secondary and primary school systems suck here (ga, usa)... they have some pretty "brite" ideas that just end up screwing everyone in the end.
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    I agree, I am still in high school myself .. nothing I can do about it though :(
    Now that I am going into my senior years of high school, things start to look better.
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    the reason why i do not like my school as much as i should is the fact that it is a college prep school that does not prepare me for college. just this year, my school started offering AP courses (and only four, i think). they don't really prepare us for the real world, or what college might be like. its like a rich, lazy club in which we have papers due every month or so.

    the part that angers me the most is that our science program sucks big time. i took chemistry and physics last year, and barely learned a thing. i understand that some courses require that you do outside learning and reading, but science is one of those courses where its incredibly hard to do so.

    despite this, i really do enjoy school. its a time where i can hang out with my friends, and learn a thing or two (in non-science classes). it sure beats sitting at home all day, and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    i'm hoping college will be way better than this. that's something i can look forward to in my life.
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    So precise, so succinct, and so DAMN TRUE. It hits the spot. I'm a senior in hs this year, and I found this out around sophmore/junior year. If you challenge yourself, you will absolutely breeze through whatever course you're struggling with. You have to come to like the subject, and study it for fun. The challenge can't be tedious or anything - it should be satisfying.

    Well, I'm sure it totally strayed from the topic of this post. When I say that post, I was like.. "Holy ****.. that's so right!"
  14. Dec 6, 2004 #13
    I hated high school but wasn't fully willing to admit it at the time. I started getting all science-oriented in 8th grade so I'd always regarded high school as something that got in the way of my true education. I still believe I learned more outside class then in it.
    I could've lived with that, I suppose, except I had a few very evil teachers in the mix. My 10th/11th grade teacher flat out told me to stop being interested in science because I was no good in it. If that wasn't enough she then wrote me a bad letter of recommendation in an attempt to keep me out of the summer program I wanted to go to and gave no inclination otherwise that she would (I only learned from the camp director who knew well enough to ignore the letter). Basically stuff like that happened with frightening regularity because I didn't devote all my energy to the respective teacher's classes. They also knew I had no intention of going the Ivy route for various reasons which at my competitive high school translated into "kid not worth caring about."
    Then when I won a national award in science the school tried to hold me up as their poster child. Talk about hypocrisy.
    College, on the other hand, is much better. First off you can finally learn what you want to learn, second off the profs are mostly more then willing to help you out if you want to learn more. I can't say how much I appreciate their willingness to do so!
  15. Dec 6, 2004 #14
    Here in India, You got so much to learn in so little time. You have to finish 1 year course in 1/2 year in the 10th grade. I'll give you syllabus:
    Linear Equations
    HCF LCM of polynomials
    Ratinal expressions
    Quadratic equations
    Arithmetic Progressions
    Income tax
    Pythagoras theorem
    Circles Tangents
    Geometrical constructions
    Statistics Coordinate geometry.

    10 - 15 types of writing skills
    4 15pg prose lessons
    5 10pg poems
    Christmas Carol
    Julius Caesar
    Grammar 125 pg

    184 pg of tamil prose poetry and nondetail
    Tons of grammar

    Indian heritage 40 pg
    Indian resources 40 pg
    Manufacturing and Trade 40 pg
    Economic Social development 70pg
    These pages are slightly bigger than A4 sheets
    Also we have to byheart 15 maps

    Chemical reaction and important compunds 30pg
    Light 30 pg
    Electricity 35pg
    Sources of energy 25pg
    Nuclear physics 20pg
    Life processes of Humans + plants+ other animals 55pg
    Natural resources 40pg
    Environment 10 pg
    Univese 20pg

    How on earth are we supposed to complete all this in 5 months?
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    Some of you maynot have gotten what choud said since you dont loive in india. I studied in India, USA and the UK, so ill try to explain. Were you wondering why he was quoting the pages? its because you have to f***ing memorize each and every word! you cant write your own answers! There is so much to memorize and so much boring stuff that it gets a depressing a little. I used to become very depress when i was in India that im wasting so much time on memoriziong crap. Its hard to adapt to the Indian system after studying in the USA. So all of you guys should feel luck for having the chance to study over there. Except for some schools alsmost all schools in India are like this. Chound, the only advice I can give you is to memorize away and dont think about your interests in science until after grade 10. The system is such that your career is screwed if you dont do well in the class 10 board exams. After 10th, you can choose your subjects ( like mathe , physics chemistry) and you can concentrate on your interests withought caring much for what you do in school.
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    One of the greatest challenges associated with managing a classroom of students of diverse learning abilities is setting the pace. If the pace is set for the top 20% of the class a large percentage of the class gets buried. Let us set this issue aside for a moment; what ultimately sets the pace is the curriculum. I have a set of material that must be covered in the 16 week semester; the schedule is based on these two fixed quantities. There are those students who will be buried by this pace while others are bored.

    The students bored with the pace have far more promising options than those buried by the pace.

    Take control of your learning. If the pace is to slow or the depth of material to shallow, you have the option of obtaining more advance textbooks on the material to keep yourself stimulated. Take on the challenge of helping struggling classmates - teaching others deepens my understanding of material. This is a very short list of activities a person can begin who wants to broaden their learning opportunities. Maybe others can add to it.

    History is full of examples of people who gathered for themselves, a rich education, despite meager educational support. It is also full of people who went to great schools, had great teachers and squandered the opportunity.

  18. Dec 6, 2004 #17
    Not only that 10th final exams are matter of life and death. If you dont get above 85% u dont get a good school. It decides what u r going to be. Only that single exam!!!
  19. Dec 7, 2004 #18
    I have learned to see past the fallacies of the school system. My high school has a pretty dismal science program (the only exception being chemistry), so I resorted to taking courses online and learning on my own. Luckily the school has pretty good math courses (its the only thing keeping me sane right now).

    As for grades, I dont try to immediately make it into a game. I focus on learning the material and the grades will naturally rise. If I constantly worry over my grades, it'll just stress me out and the grades will stoop even lower.

    My calculus class (which is pretty difficult so far) motivates me even more to learn everything I can and benefit from taxpayers money :biggrin: . I even try to teach basic calculus to my friends who are semi-interested in math. Whenever possible, I try to do extra problems just to keep things fresh.

    I taught myself a few years ago to like mathematics (I used to be pretty indifferent towards arithmetic), and that really paid off where im at now. Whenever I am in doubt about my learning abilities, I push even further. Its... a relentless pursuit that has developed into a habit. Instead of being discouraged and quitting, I jab at it even further, not being content until I figure out what is troubling me at the moment (such as not noticing connections etc).
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    In my opinion, the school system goes way too slow.

    I get bored all the time.


    I don't know what to say. You guys got me all mad bringing this subject up dammit. I hate school, so damn slow.
  21. Dec 8, 2004 #20
    Ohhh dude, you did really touch my cut which it is bleeding at the moment. I am a freshman and i have dropped a class cuz i cant keep up and my grade average is not that good, even i entered the school as an honor student and was having a good success in high school. I hope i will have a good end in this journey as you have :smile:

    But for the rest of my life, I will never forget the disaster the high school caused to me, sometimes my confidence about myself is shakening because of the academic decline i am suffering from it now...still i did not give up hope, and may i will accomplish the challenge.
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