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Homework Help: UHF and VHF

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    Can someone please help me how to answer this question : Research the differences in quality and coverage of VHF and UHF television broadcasts and reason why the are chosen in various areas. ?

    I need some suggestion in answering it :frown:. I have researched the differences in quality, but I'm not pretty sure with the rest.
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    VHF generally behaves as a line-of-sight transmission -- the receiver and transmitter have to be able to "see" each other with no hills or other obstructions in the way. UHF can, to some extent, diffract around obstructions. As such, UHF transmissions do better in mountainous areas.

    - Warren
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    Warren, I am guessing you have never made communications comparing VHF to UHF. VHF typically propagates beyond line-of-sight. A general rule of thumb is 1/3 over the horizon. UHF actually behaves more in line-of-sight. Signals have trouble making it over hills and mountains.

    PaLma, in your research, I would recommend using keywords like wave propagation , signal propagation along with VHF UHF and coverage . Your local library should have lots of good references to explore on this topic.
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