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UIUC Laser-microphone

  1. Oct 24, 2011 #1
    Hello fellow physoc associates. I have taken the liberty to start a thread here so that we can more effectively communicate our ideas for the laser-microphone. This is an open thread so the fascinating world that is the internet will also be privileged to be participating in our think-tank. Please do not post frivolous comments and actually contribute something intelligent. As a result of our project being something none of us seem well versed in, it would be highly recommended that everyone attempt to learn as much of the theory as possible. While this is open to all levels of physics knowledge, its a damn laser-microphone; F=ma will only get you so far.

    All aside I will actually not be able or capable of participating in the project in a high degree until some personal issues have been resolved. I hope to be a major player come late 1st semester/early 2nd semester. Good luck and intelligent postings.
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